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Vulnerability & Visibility

Vulnerability & Visibility

June 19, 20243 min read

Last year, October was the FIRST TIME EVER that I have gotten up in public and spoke on a stage in front of people at the Your Bold is Beautiful Women’s Empowerment Conference and let me tell you, leading up to my speaking slot on the Sunday, I was scared shitless, my stomach was in knots all weekend. I am totally comfortable and ok with sharing that publicly with you.

Then the following weekend, I was called upon once again to get up and speak in front of a crowd at the NOW Honors/Power of Pink Awards show. This was unplanned and on the fly so I had no time to be scared on that one.

I used to be so scared and nervous and worried about writing and sharing posts and sharing my photography work on social media, I mean absolutely frightened about it.

What if what I wrote makes no sense? What if it comes off as incoherent rambling? Worst of all, what if nobody reads it, comments on it or likes it?

Same thing used to apply for my photography work, I was scared shitless of posting my images online for the world to see. There is an incredible feeling of vulnerability in posting something you created and poured your heart and soul into. What if people comment on it saying its pure shit? What if people say… how can this guy call himself a photographer? Well, what if all of the above mentioned happens? Am I going to die from it? Is anyone going to be hurt or die? Is the world going to end? Sure my ego may get a little bruised and damaged but that would be the extent of it, but will I be able to bounce back from it and recover? Certainly, of course I will and nothing catastrophic will happen just a little hurt pride is all and I can most definitely deal with that. I may have to lick my wounds a little bit but I will survive.

Honestly, why are we so hung up on and worried about what everyone else thinks about what we post and who we are? (for the most part, complete strangers at that. Anonymous keyboard warriors) Shouldn’t we be more concerned about US first and what makes US happy when it comes to what we post?

Listen, I know just as well as anyone else, it takes a hell of a lot of courage and strength to be that vulnerable and share some of our most intimate and deep thoughts, feelings words and work but let me ask you this… who are you to deprive the world from seeing, reading or hearing YOUR GIFTS? The gifts that you were given by the universe, born with. Isn’t that why we were all given our unique gifts? To share them with the world, with your community! They should NOT be squandered and hidden from the world. Go on out and SHARE THAT SHIT PEOPLE! Believe me when I tell you, the more often you share your wisdom, your gifts, whatever that might be, the more you talk about it… the easier it gets and that I can promise you, you can take that to the bank!!!

YOU deserve to SHINE and the world deserves to bask in YOUR SHINE that is YOUR GIFTS!

I urge you ALL to kick your fears to the curb (buh bye Felicia) and get VULNERABLE, GET VISIBLE and STOP depriving the world of your beautiful gifts PEOPLE!

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